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The Theory of Human Energy

The future the way it should be.
A bold idea that accepts human energy
as the greatest untapped natural resource on earth.

Anyone can earn $6000.00 a month (tax free)
working just two hours a day in a human energy based economy!

Human Energy -or –
How I Saved the Planet and Got Rich
Discover the formula for a human energy based economy.
A comprehensive explanation of the greatest untapped natural resource on earth and how to exploit it in a positive way.

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the theory of human energy as the solution to all our problems.

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‘A world without crude where the fuel is good food and the energy is human.’
Heidie McCall

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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Theory of Human Energy

The purpose of this paper is to explain in depth the value of converting from a consumer based economy to an economy based on the creation of human energy by humans.
To also explain the plausibility of creating, operating and maintaining the machines that deliver human generated electricity to the electric grid.
Examine the benefits to society and show the calculations involved.

• What is a human energy based economy: An economy with the emphasis on the creation of electricity generated by humans.
• How human energy is generated: Machines similar to common exercise machines will be created expressly for the generation of electricity when operated by a human.
• Who will create human energy machines: The government will sponsor their creation as the government sponsors the highways. Engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and economists will be sought out and their combined thoughts will bring about the human energy machine. When a man can be placed on the moon there is absolutely no excuse not to invest whatever it takes to use our most abundant and renewable resource, human energy.
• What is a human energy machine: Rowing machines, tread mills and arms only machines equipped with on board computer that keep track of and sends human generated electricity directly to the electric grid. Swipe cards will be issued that contain social security number, E-bank account number to identify the creator. When the human has completed an effort to create electricity the card is immediately credited with the total earned. There are no taxes on human generated electricity. The payment credited to the creator’s card is $25.00 per kWh generated. A two- hour per day limit will be implemented total daily earnings not to exceed $200.00 per day because there will be many humans wanting to do this on a daily basis. Human energy machines will be equipped with state of the art computers for the human operating it to enjoy the Internet, read books, watch movies, send e-mail, listen to music, any and all current technology will be implemented to make the experience easy enjoyable.
• What a human energy machine will do: When operated by a human, a human energy machine will generate one kWh of electricity every fifteen minutes at 2.5 miles per hour. This electricity will be delivered immediately to the grid and the Swipe Card will be credited immediately for use.
• Where human energy machines will be located: There will be energy centers in every neighborhood, these centers will be located in factories that have closed, mills no longer in operation, etc. conversion to energy centers will be a way to use existing structures. Humans will go to the nearest energy center and may work up to two hours per day.
• How human energy benefits low wage earners: Humans will no longer need to work at an undesirable job to earn money. Human energy money will give humans free choice to follow interests and desired goals.
• How human energy affects unemployment: There is no such thing as unemployment in a human energy based economy, because there is a human energy center nearby. All that is needed is to get to an energy center and the desire to make money. Because the need for electricity is unending, continuous work will always be available.
• How human energy affects crime: Many crimes have a monetary situation at the core. With the ability to simply go down the street to earn two- hundred dollars in two hours, crime for drug money comes to a halt. It is eminently possible that whatever drives the drug addict to depend on drugs will cease. A human that is earning his way, serving his fellow man, and being fully compensated for the effort will experience self worth.
• How human energy affects obesity: Overweight humans may not be able to do much at first but the idea of being paid to lose weight will be what turns an overweight society into a slim and healthy society. There is not one scientific study that concludes exercising is bad for a human.
• How human energy affects immigration: Human energy based economies are for every country on the earth. All humans require electricity, when humans in their native country are fully compensated for their contribution of electricity, many will elect to stay in their homeland. Should a person want to immigrate to another country, well paid, meaningful, immediate work, is available generating electricity.

• What if certain humans do not want to create electricity: There will be many that are content in their current line of work, doctors for example, lawyers, artists, but the energy centers are always open and ready to accept and pay for electricity. If a human
works in a field they enjoy but needs extra money he or she can simply earn it in the evenings or anytime they have spare time and save the money on the swipe card in their E-bank account that is attached to their card.
• What is the environmental impact of a human energy based economy: The need for crude oil diminishes to almost nothing. There are many ways of growing oil: hemp, corn, soy for example, if an oily substance is required for a specific task. Cars are increasingly turning to electricity and with this shift comes cleaner air and new technology for transportation. Global warming will come to a halt because there will not be the intense and continuous carbon emissions polluting the atmosphere. Fuel gleaned from corn will no longer be needed on a grand scale; it is common knowledge that the fertilizer used in growing corn contaminates ground water.
• How human energy affects a recession: In a human energy based economy there will never be a recession, it is not possible. With the amount of human energy money that will be flowing through society the economy essentially becomes an enormous cash flow affair. Banks will flourish with millions of energy money transactions to complete everyday. When a human earns on average five- thousand tax-free dollars per month the bills are easy to pay. Yes, the light bill still must be paid because the distribution system will always need maintenance and supervision. The humans doing that work will be doing it because they want to. Humans will do exactly what interests them and working at the power plant maybe one such interest. The cable, phone, food, mortgage, all the bills of necessity will always need paying. Business will return to a very regional event. There will be many local and small business because there will be a need for them. How humans elect to spend their disposable income and leisure time will be interesting to witness in energy based economies.
• Health concerns in a human energy based economy: Humans without a doubt will be much healthier. Health insurance will either be a government sponsored program or at the very least if someone falls ill or is involved in an accident and can’t generate electricity for needed income, humans as a collective will help that human fulfill his or her needs. That is what a human energy society will be all about.
• When humans are paid if full for the energy they have the capacity to contribute to the continuation of our existence then taking care of one another takes on a whole new dimension. When a human is earning money on an energy machine the world is at their fingertips. A book, classes, music, all that technology has to offer the human mind. When the human condition “thinks” and is not in constant dire need of money for the necessities and pleasures of life, innovation becomes the norm and entrepreneurs thrive. Happiness is the daily reminder of the value of one’s very existence.
• How human energy affects war: What self respecting human will work in a munitions factory, go to work at the land-mine factory or do anything for that matter, that is a detriment to a financially and energy contented society? We will keep our military in force however its main function will be to serve in natural disasters and a few skirmishes here and there, the need to fight over resources ends in human energy based economies.
• How human energy affects corporations: Corporations will no longer have the intense control over the human race that they have now. These entities will have to serve the buying public on a level of respect and need. The relentless pressure and stranglehold they now enjoy, ends. Products that damage the environment, consumer, or any products that are produced by humans at low wages to generate enormous profits for the few come to an abrupt halt. When humans are able to earn a good wage in a job that will never stop requiring their service a certain sense of autonomy will develop and the foolish, wasteful, harmful products will no longer be consumed. Given a choice in the day to day humans that are not being pressured to earn small amounts of money for a large investment of time will make reasonable choices.
• More details on human energy centers: Human energy machines must be situated in energy centers because the machines must be supervised, maintained, the two-hour per day, time limit, must be enforced to insure all wanting to earn money the opportunity to do so. Also humans need to get up and go to work even if for only two hours a day. This being the case human energy centers will be open 24/7. Energy centers will be nice and climate controlled.
• How human energy affects the homeless: Homeless humans will be welcome at energy centers all times. Until the time a homeless person is able to secure enough money on their swipe card or perhaps combine human energy income with others to secure a residence, the homeless will not be turned away.
• How human energy affects resources: Human energy machines will be created from many existing products. Converting to an energy-based economy many items will become useless and redundant. Oil wellheads, oil refinery materials, any unnecessary metals will be smelted down for the formation of the body of the human energy machine. The shift from a consumer based economy to a human energy based economy will require thousands of workers, to construct millions of human energy machines, wire to them to the grid for the distribution of human generated electricity and get human energy centers ready.
• Will human energy be available in an emergency: There will be thousands of mobile units made. Large trucks that house energy machines for mobile transport to an area in need. These will be moved and operated by our military. The mobile units will be constructed in such a way the energy they immediately produce is fed directly into the electric grid of the area in need.
• Human energy - New York for example: On average 500 kilowatts are used each month in the typical Westchester New York home, which equals 16 kWh per day. * One human generating 8 kWh per day (working just two hours per day) x 30 days = 240 kWh per month.(One half the total monthly electricity usage of the typical Westchester New York family). The income for a ten-hour “human energy” workweek is $1000.00 per week at the pay rate of $200.00 per day. Multiply this by millions of energy machines, millions of human energy workers and the energy crisis becomes an financial windfall for everyone on earth. This is the formula that will change the world.

“Any darned fool can make something complex;
It takes a genius to make something simple.”
Pete Seeger
*Con Edison: newsroom – electric system – 8/9/2007